Welcome to the Gorilla Speakeasy: Who is Art For?

The Gorilla Speakeasy will be holding its first live panel at the Lush Showcase on Monday 24th September at 12.15pm. The panel will be led by Nuala Davies, host of the ‘Art As Told By…’ podcast series on Lush Player

Welcome to the first ever Gorilla Speakeasy ... Devoid of illicit liquor, this is the panel that will hold space for artists from a multitude of different disciplines to sit down and have a good old chat in the hope that we can incite new perspectives and take a look at life through the eyes of a creative.

Today we are having a conversation about art. What we create. Why we create. When we create it. Where we create and who we create for….

Why are we having this conversation?

Art is an ever evolving concept. It fluctuates from person to person. Thing to thing. Discipline to discipline. By holding a space to discuss it we are sharing creative processes, thoughts and lifestyle choices and what those mean to us. Art is not that picture hanging on the wall or that song you just downloaded from iTunes… It is so much more. It’s a way of life.

In a world that feels so connected, yet so isolating it’s really important that we open the space to have these conversations in bid to understand ourselves; our creative passions and to keep some of our sanity.

No matter who you are or what you do, creativity is in your life every single day, be it your thoughts, behaviours or work. This Gorilla Speakeasy opens up the space to discover what art means to a group of working artists.

At Lush we are all about creativity. Working grassroots. Building, inventing, sharing and becoming a communicative network of wonderful people all striving towards the same goals.

  1. To make products for every need
  2. To be number one in every category
  3. To create a Cosmetics Revolution (save the Planet)

Without art and creativity we cannot achieve any of these goals. We need creativity to invent. We need creativity to try new ways of working. We need creativity to revolt, inspire change and ultimately, save the Planet.

A graduate of Queen's University Belfast, Nuala Davies has been working within the creative sector in Northern Ireland for the past ten years in a variety of capacities. These range from actor, singer, facilitator, poet and writer to Artist In Residence at The Cabaret Supperclub Belfast.

We need creativity to revolt, inspire change and ultimately, save the Planet